I'm a photography student from Helsinki, Finland. I study at Stadin Ammattiopisto Mediastadi, where I will graduate as a media-assistant majoring in photography.
 I'm focused on portraits, architecture, film photography and video. 
I work with a lot of people on different kinds of things such as music videos, hair model pictures for hairdressers, event photography, graduation pictures, family portraits...
I'm a happy young workaholic and always ready to try something challenging. I work mostly in English but my native language is Finnish. I do a lot of group work/projects, but I also do quite a lot of stuff all on my own. I'm very social and like to work with people of all ages.
After graduating I'd like to study directing, editing and film making but also continue with photography.​​​​​​​
I have partnered with:

It's me:D
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